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Images from the History of Medicine (NLM)
The iatrochemist
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Pittsburgh, PA : Fisher Scientific Co., c1958.
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United States
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1 photomechanical print (poster) : col. ; 49 x 61 cm.
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The poster has a white border around the reproduction of the painting. The painting shows an iatrochemist seated on a bench looking at an open book in his right hand and holding a flask in his left hand. Another open book is propped up on a table in front of him and the room has ceramic containers scattered around and a large globe on the floor. A man in the background is seated and is being treated by another man.
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Gift; William Helfand; 2004;
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PP05576 map
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Bossche, Balthasar van den, 1681-1715.
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Fisher Scientific Company.
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Chemistry history
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History of Medicine
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History, Modern 1601-
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Physicians history
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"From a painting by Balthasar van den Bosch (1681-1715). Reproduced from the original in the Fisher Collection of Alchemical and Historical Pictures at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

The iatrochemist