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Images from the History of Medicine (NLM)
Jiang jiu wei sheng yu zeng jia sheng chan shi fen bu kai de ...
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[Shanghai] : Shanghai fang lao xie hui zhi, 1953.
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1 photomechanical print (poster) : col. ; 51 x 38 cm.
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Subject: A group of healthy looking factory workers are gathering around a huge graph showing increased production on one side and decreased absences from work on the other. Below, white text on red background emphasizes the importance of having a healthy work force to build up the country.
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PP060029 map
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Consumptive disease.
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Shanghai fang lao xie hui.
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Attitude to Health
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Socioeconomic Factors
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Tuberculosis, Pulmonary economics
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Accession number: 06-08.
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Number in circle: 30.
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Part of exhibition: Consumptive disease : Chinese anti-tuberculosis posters, 1950-1980.
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Title from beginning of the text below the picture.

Jiang jiu wei sheng yu zeng jia sheng chan shi fen bu kai de ...