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Images from the History of Medicine (NLM)
George Mayerle test chart
Mayerle, George.
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[San Francisco] : Schmidt Litho Co., c1907.
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United States
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The National Library of Medicine believes this item to be in the public domain.
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1 print : lithograph, b&w ; 56 x 70 cm.
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PP059701b map
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Hidden treasure.
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Pictorial Works
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Vision Tests
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The color boxes at the bottom of the chart are applied colored strips.
Note (General):
Double-sided: a postive image of the test chart appears on one side, a negative image on the reverse. This record is for the negative image.
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"[Mayerle's] eye chart ... combined four subjective tests done during an eye examination. Running through the middle of the chart, the seven vertical panels test for acuity of vision with characters in the Roman alphabet (for English, German, and other European readers) and also in Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Hebrew. A panel in the center replaces the alphabetic characters with symbols for children and adults who were illiterate or who could not read any of the other writing systems offered. Directly above the center panel is a version of the radiant dial that tests for astigmatism. On either side of that are lines that test the muscular strength of the eyes. Finally, across the bottom, boxes test for color vision, a feature intended especially (according to one advertisement) for those working on railroads and steamboats"--NLM Hidden treasure.
Note (General):
Also showcased in the book: Hidden treasure / edited by Michael Sappol. 1st ed. New York, N.Y. : Blast Books, 2012.
Cited in:
NLM Hidden treasure p. 137

George Mayerle test chart